Why consider a vacation home rental over a hotel?

Cost and comfort.  For the price of a couple of hotel rooms or less you can fit a family or two into a comfortable home with laundry, pool and all the comforts of home.

Do I get to pick the home I am going to stay in?

Absolutely!  The home you book is the home you will stay in during your visit.

How does the rental process work?

After you book your property, you will receive an email confirmation.  Thirty-seven (37) days out you will receive a notification that the total balance is due in 7 days (30 days from your visit).  Seven days from your visit, you will receive the necessary codes and driving instructions.  If you should have any trouble or questions, simply call the phone number provided in the emails.

What if I have to cancel my vacation?

If you have any doubts about your vacation plans, you may want to purchase travel insurance at the time of the booking (which is provided at checkout).  This is especially important if you are traveling from overseas.  If you do not purchase travel insurance and need to cancel the booking, we will return 75% of your reservation down payment if you cancel 6 weeks or longer from your intended stay, and 50% if between 2 and 6 weeks. The reservation down payment is non refundable for cancellations within two weeks of your intended stay.  If you did purchase travel insurance, your reservation down payment will be refunded in full.

Do you charge a security deposit?

No.  Each rental includes a small fee for house damage protection.  OurFloridaConcierge charges a house damage protection fee to cover incidental damages (normal wear and tear). 

Can I smoke in the home?

All of our homes are non-smoking.  There are ash trays outside for your convenience.

Can I bring my pet?

Most of our homes do not allow pets.  Please refer to the specific rental home for pet details.

What are check in and check out times?

Check-out is 10:00 AM and check-in is 4:00 PM local time. 

What is the difference between a vacation home and a villa?

Simply what side of "the pond" you are from!  Same for spa and hot tub!

What do I need to bring with me?

All of our homes are equipped with the typical house furnishings (linens, towels, cookware and dinnerware).  Toilet paper is provided as is a starter hand-soap in each bathroom.  We also provide starter dishwasher tabs and a couple garbage bags under the kitchen sink.  You will need to supply shampoo, dish soap, laundry detergent, paper towels and garbage bags.  We can help you with this, along with any grocery items you may need!  Look for these on the checkout page under "Welcome Pack".

Is there a pool?

All of our homes have a professionally managed private pool, and some have community pools as well.  Check the property listings for details.

Is there a hot tub (spa)?

Several of our homes include a spa.  See property listings for details.

How is garbage handled?

Garbage is to be placed onto the curb in the supplied container on the designated day of the week.  More information will be provided in the information packet on the kitchen counter.

What if I get locked out of the house?

We are available 7 x 24 to handle emergencies.  Simply call the phone number supplied to you in the confirmation email.

How close will we be to the theme parks?

Please check out online map.

Do we need to heat the pool?

Most guests will want the pool heated during the cooler winter months - November to March.  There is an additional fee for pool heat.  The hot tub/spa can be heated any time of the year (it is normally left off to conserve energy).

What will the weather be like?

Florida summers are tropical with an afternoon thunderstorm.  Winters are sunny and dry and the average high is more than 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  That said we do get some cool days and evenings so you will want to pack a light jacket.

What else can we do in Central Florida besides the theme parks?

Central Florida is an outdoor playground!  See our Local Area Guide section!

Do all of your homes have television?

All of our properties have cable a Roku, or similar.